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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Years from now

It talks about my plans in the future. Time flies. I'm busy growing with my shell. I have really big plans for myself. I know that God will be there to guide me that's why I'm striving hard to fulfill all of these.

As I enter college with a tourism course or European Studies in DLSU ( JUST INCASE! ) it will serves as my my bridge to success! Let's cross our fingers! 


I'm not bragginng about my grades but I know everybody ( maybe some ) says, "WHUTS? You sure?!" I KNOW. It's not a major job in the society. But do  you know the feeling of you just can't imagine yourself doing another job? I would love to serve other people inside the airplane. :)

Where can you find me? (Probably)

You would probably find me working in the busy airline of UAE. It's the place where my Dad is working. Isn't it's amazing working in the same foreign country? And the minor reason is... I SO MUCH LIKE THEIR UNIFORM! HAHAHAHA!


I promised myself to study Fashion Designing abroad maybe in Paris if I save a lot of money :) Whatever it is I'll build a name in Fashion Industry. I don't want to frustrate myself, me and my cousin's dream (Jen) since we are planning both to collaborate for a clothing line! Lastly, all my friends and other people are expecting that I'll become a fashion designer. I'm not a FAME WHORE. OKAY. Personally, I would like to correct them. I know some of you think I'm a Feelingera but seriously I don't care to what people say. You don't have the dream okay? You don't know how I feel. Okay? I'm just bragging about my DREAM. NOT MYSELF. But for those who really believes in me, UHHH you'll be a model in my clothing line! Haaha! :)

This is a good example of a store. WOAH. I would like to do the designing! 

I'm not a big fan of drawing but when it comes to sketching, I would love to see myself doing those!

I really love this photos! This is just a part of my fashion documents! Their so many! :) And I can't wait for the sembreak so that I could work on my fashion designs for my prom dress! Actually I would love to style other bridgetines or people for their prom dress. I will make a design for you nd it's free as long as I have the credits for my design! :P If you're interested just approach me in my accounts! Again, It's FREE. :)


I wish after Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michelle I'm the next ambassador of the said clothing line! I'm a big fan of Candies because of their items are lovable too bits!


This is a must for myself! I think all girls deserve to have one, right? :) AHHHH. So elegant!

15 years or less. or 14 or 13 years I want one or two or three or whatever. ( God you're the one to decide)

Isn't she pretty? What I learned from my cousin is it's better to have a boy kid. After him, it's time to have a baby girl. So that the girl will be the princess of the family and her Kuya will protect her no matter what. Cute Idea from my sister. :)) Well we don't know what God's plan for us.

To summarize all of this it's all that I've been dreaming and looking forward of. We don't know what God really wants for me and for everyone. I think this is not a bad idea as long as it's my inspiration for life. I will never stop of reaching of my dreams. I'm really praying and working hard for all of these. I want to help myself, my family and everybody while fulfilling all of them. God will never leave me and my DREAMS. Blessed and Grateful! <3

Patrice Anne U. Bagui

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