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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Sabado, Setyembre 8, 2012

Pose for a cause

Lol what a title. I can't think of a good one. It's very late evening! Blame the slowity (what a word) of uploading of these photos! Huhu! Here's what I wore in our Saturdate with my Mother! We ran an errand first @LBC then we went @Caedo to check the boutiques there (Many have told me that if I don't have money and I want a style I must go there daw) and Finally we went at SM. I saw a lot of people! Whew!

What a weird smile.

I'm the daughter of Papa Chen! Thankyou for the eyes

I really love this pose! Expect photos with this pose, HUH

Is this swag?

I told you to expect

I didn't disappoint you!


For finale with that pose hahaha

I wrote something. Gosh it's not visible

Brother's droidy. 

How's your Saturday? Mine is relaxing! :) I have to go, Goodnight! :*

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