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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Miyerkules, Oktubre 31, 2012

Benevolence Get-away!

I'm so blessed to be part of this class. They're all big time kasi. Haha. Kidding!  Compared from the my last year section, 6 boys were added to us that made our section magulo. I'm not saying that Serenity wasn't the best, kasi maiingay lahat ng girls noon na masaya. And now, everybody's noisy na magulo. I bet all of us who went to Jesy's Resort eh mapapasabi ng BUWIS BUHAY SA BYAHE. It's really far from the city that's why very exciting :)


I suck here! AHAHA Karla why you so happy porket nag sink ako?! :D HAHAHA

Jeje pose :)

We're playing BULLSHIT. I lost actually :))


Karla's holding an R cupcake. While mine was "P" :)

Candid photo! teehee!

Hi Girls! :)

Eating! <3

From Left to Right: Evita, Jesy, Karla, Me, Kim and Jayvy.

Haha. Nakakatawa ito kasi napadaan lang kami dito eh! :))

Look how Jolly I am holding the P-Cupcake! :))


Bene! Thankyou so much for the time and sa fun! It's so nice to be with you guys! I hope for more gala! EK SA SUNOD. HAHAHAHA. Sana lang laging freebies :))

I would like to share to you the photos from our mini pictorial with my sissy Rica Dayag. :) HAHA. I remembered when we're still in first year! I used to call her "DENISE" :)) Tapos marami kaming kalokohan niyang noon. Di ga, Rica? Secret lang ha! HAHA. 

This photo, so perfect! :">

I like this too! :)

Photos taken by: Karla Lisette and The owner of the camera and the place: Jesy Magadia :)

I love you my readers! :)

Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Flattered heart

Monday and it's okay :) Yes. We visited our grandparents today. So here's what I wore.

I can't think of other poses. I decided to be epileptic :))

Cutest Daphne!

Pick the strawberries from my feet! :P

AHA LOL Love you little cousin! =))

How was your Monday? I'm up to prepare for our get-away tomorrow with the Bene people! 
You know how I love you my readers! :)

Linggo, Oktubre 28, 2012

The Perks of Being 15

I copied this segment from my Icon Ms. Vern Enciso (You can see her version Vern Enciso's Blog here) “Perks of Being 19” Mine is Perks of Being 15. What I love from Vern Enciso is that, she’s really an icon for everybody. She’s not Maarte at all. The way she dresses is an epitome of girl’s fashion.  But what really caught my heart is her humility to her readers.

I’m now 15 years old and still I can’t move on from my childhood memories. I still feel a kid. It makes me feel sad whenever I’m alone and stuck with magazines and screen. 4 months more and I’ll be “SWEET SIXTEEN” the peg na. I feel nervous and excited at the same time. I’ll share to you what I experienced during my 15 years of existence. *Fifteen by Taylor Swift playing in my head* *LOL*

1. My faith in God was strengthened. Seriously speaking. Thanks to our speech class and VE adviser J
2. My family and I were more closed compare to the last previous years.
3. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. My mom allows me now in going Lipa alone with them. Hopefully we can now stroll in Manila with my blogger friends. Hahaha! :)
4. My fashion sense has changed. From basics to girly and glam! I can say that I’m such a stylist material compared from the start.
5. I’m no longer part of the ANIHAN organization which is exclusive for 7-14 years old only. Bye Calamba Laguna. I’ll miss you. See you whenever.
6. As time passed by, I’ll miss my childhood memories together with my cousins and even the whole family.  Well, Memories last forever naman eh.Yes, I’m close to tears.
7. BUT WHAT REALLY EXCITES ME? I will experience and learn new things all by myself or with other people. I will reach places and enjoy things with new companies when I leave this age. Right?

I know I shouldn’t fear growing up. AHA But I can’t control my fears. HUHUHU SILENT CRY. LOL I will always remember by heart these lyrics “There’s a place you can go where your heart is free. There’s a rhythm that’s right for your soul” It’s from a Barbie movie, “12 Dancing Princesses” entitled “Shine”. I just shared the song to you guys. Especially to the girls, I really know how it feels, of how you feel. Girls are really soft-hearted people. We are very sentimental, right? Pero ako naman, I feel senti not because of love or what. Hindi ko lang magets ang mundo. Minsan dadating yung time na ang sarap mabuhay. Tapos may time na nakakatamad.Basta. Hindi ko ga maexplain. But what I’m sure is kung ano ngayon alam ko, tama itong feeling na to. Nasa tama na akong pag-iisip kasi nga I’m growing up. Hindi naman lahat ng bagay kailangang iwan diba? Lahat ng bagay lilipas at mawawala pero may bagay talaga na hindi mo malilimutan. For me it’s child hood! :) And as I enter college, I'm sure there would be lots of strugges to face but  they say, Lilipas din yan. I won't give up on my dreams. Let my dreams give up on me :> -- The Perks of Being 15 <3