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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Early Valentines

Happy Sunday! This is what I wore today. :))

Thank you to my photographer Jen! <3
See more on my Lookbook. :)

Sabado, Abril 21, 2012

Today is photography! :D

I don’t have any ideas about our activity which is Photography. :))
I didn’t jot down note that’s why I can’t give to you the trivia. But first is to know how to hold your camera. You must put it beside you’re ribs so that it won’t shake that will make your photo blurry! Then Teacher Crissey told us about the camera effects in its settings. She also explains why light is very important to photography. Another thing I learned is that 4 to 5 pm is the best time you can took pictures because it will give your nose a shape. Wow! Perfect for me who wasn’t blessed for it. :( Haha. I also learned that we should not take photos with a light above because it will bring you to a bad image. Teacher also said that Angel Locsin has her own angle to appear pretty in the picture while Anne Curtis is very pretty in any angle. Haha wtf chika :) She also taught us about the rules. Haha. Not to mention all. So here’s a role of pictures I took! :>

These are pre photos. HAHA. :>>

After the lecture! =))) I don’t took pictures of anything I just took mine! HAHA

All in all this activity is the productive one. I learned so many things especially that I have a passion and love for fashion. I love taking pictures of myself. HAHA There are so many tricks in it but whatever it is, every girls are pretty in their own way and has their natural beauty. We should thank God for everything. 

Martes, Abril 17, 2012

This day is so great! Laguna- Sm Batangas- outside with cousins. Had so much fun!!
I woke up early because we’re heading to Calamba since we’ll attend our summer activities in Anihan. Even though I’m puyat (Kakaalala kay Carlos Friend) I have to get up!
I was so surprised when I saw that we’re so many girls na there compared to the last time I went there! Our first thing to do is to register ourselves. Ninang handed me a one thousand peso bill for the payment.
Girl: Jen… then what’s yours?
Me: Patrice.
Girl: I like your name!
Hahaha. Flattered! What really made my day was when Teacher Agnes approaches us.
Teacher: uiii! Kayo yung mga taga Batangas?
Me: Opo.
Teacher: Hulaan ko kung sino ka… Patrice! Tama?
Me: Opo.
Teacher: Dalaga na ih..
Ui rare yun! Tagal ko ng di napapadpad dun pero naalala ako. Tapos matanda na, madaming isipin. Kuuu. Flattered! :> Excited ako sa photography lesson next week! ^^

PhotoDiary: J

We did egg hunting! We roamed for 1 time and for the second time I saw two eggs from the pot! Hihihi. Jen got the orange while mine is greenie.^^

Oh there! Me so lucky to have the number and the toy! If you got the number you’ll get the special prizy! While if you have the toy, it’s yours! If you got nothing but the egg, it’s still yours too! Hahaha. Me so lucky. So shocking! It’s sixteen. WOW. #ThisIsLove

Yo Jen. You got the 10! :>

@ Anihan. Oh hello there Jen! Look at our mugs! Finish products! :>

It’s me! Oh? I look pretty ata dito? HAHAHA.

@ Sm while waiting for some appointments. Wedding gowns! Woohoo! Love love love so much! <3

@ Parking Lot. It’s so kakahiya sa SM to take picture! Hassle. K

Meeeeeee! Panget. -.- Haaaay. Repair my face, libre nyo naman ako keh Belo please lang! Damn. :D

Final picture for today’s adventure! Nyuhoooo! I love this day. =)))))) <3 Love. Love. Love.

Lunes, Abril 9, 2012

Missing group1

I just missed waking up in the early morning just to go to Pia’s house. It’s my first time of shooting way back then.
Creating a movie is no easy task especially for us, students. I’m glad that I was brought to this group because I had these amazing group mates! Here’s a roll of pictures I found somewhere! Behind the scenes and everything! :D

We are having our rest in our seats! “Oh hell this shooting. How could this project been torturing us?” Tip: Whenever it’s not your time on camera, you have to sit! Sit! Take a break.

Boy having their bonding! =)) It’s Rojen and Gabby! It’s not their chapter! AHA! I think Rojen’s playing temple run or something. I don’t know! Ahaha.  See the table they’re near to? On top of it there’s cheetos and lays. It’s our daily snack their. Our beverage? It’s  NESTEA!

Oh hi there Camille! You tired of acting? HEHE. That’s okay. :>

SCATTERED! We are! Woo! It’s hard and tiring for the nth time!

The shooting place is indeed luxury! I really love the house and its structure! The house is highly pretty from its interior design! I got inspired to it since I love designing. The house is also centralized. What do you think in the future? Is it nice that you’ll be going home in a house like this?

 At the garden! It’s time for fun yow! Hahaha So sisa here! I shoot my scene with jogging pants! Me so lazy! I just instructed the camera man to don’t include it ofcourse. Haha Perfect match for shoes and dress! HAHA #FUN

All in all this is a once in a lifetime experience! We are so lucky to have this opportunity to improve our skills. I love how I learned so many things in this movie. FIRST, I learned to act nicely? HAHA Second, I FEEL.. (STILL) sorry to my group mates because of my attitude that time. I attend in late time sometimes, not. But everything’s got okay. I learned where the RK is. Haha. Ano pa? Uhmm. So many things as in! Special thanks for the foods and shooting place Pia and Therese! J AHHH! I remembered the rabbit! EW I still recall it’s stools. The story was… We’re hiding to Doen.. We went at the back of Pastor’s house. There are dogs and rabbits there. We stayed their for minutes and we smelled theeeee you know?! Yucks. Doennnn!!!! HAHA. So many bloopers in the shoot. I love how we’ve started and ended. You guys are great! I love you dudes! From Sisa! J

Linggo, Abril 1, 2012

Feel Free this Vacation!

Hi! It's been awhile since I had my last blogged here. So how do you guys doing? It's been a busy April for me. My Great Grandmother has died and we have to go in my mother's place every time. What bothers me this vacation is thinking of my course! Damn. So hard! But I have a sign in choosing. If my math grades increases then I would go to Civil Engineering. Haha. My other option was tourism sana but it's so complicated course I you'll think of it right? I don't know. I really don't know! Haha. I changed my mind, I prefer UP na than LaSalle. Hahaha. Whatever, if I'm going to pass the entrance test then it would be better and easier for me to choose. Let God guide me! Hoping your enjoying your vacations wherever! xx