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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 4, 2012

Business woman with her blazer

It's Sunday and I feel like going out with these garments. :) Hahaha! Would you believe that I cried that morning because my mum and brotha left me. My first time to go Byahe in going to church. So yun. It's still okay. I gained my lessons naman :)

I went with Barbie flats and put black socks with it :)

The look? :))

I wish I was in another country with cool stuffs so that my pose will be appropriate, gets?

Self Portrait O.o

Just got home! I went with simple flats because whenever I wear the barbie flats it only bring pain in my Sakongs. :(

Pikit -.-


Little bit pikit :>


This is not me :))

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I'm sorry for the delayed posts because of damn school works I still don't want to go in college. Idk my course and school!!!! :(

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