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What defines her?

I live in this world for a dream. I want to meet different people in the world that's why I chose to become a tourism student in the next year. I crave for classy and fashionable dresses. I want to become a fashion designer of my own clothing line! I'll study and work hard in the future to fulfill these all. I have this political mind also to help other people. I want to write novels. I want to become an editor of a prestigious magazine. Owner of hotel, restaurant, resort, department store and a man's heart (someday. *crossfingers*) Business minded/ Creative. Blessed.

Biyernes, Disyembre 16, 2011

Christmas Wishlist:
Santa Baby.. So hurry down the chimney tonight. For me. :))))
Oh. When was the last time I believe in a santa? Way back when I was grade 3 or Grade 2? Maybe Grade1.Hahaha. I caught my mother holding a doll then I knew that Santa is not true. Hahaha. But, every person this Christmas has wishes and here’s my list and ready to roll down! Leggo! :D

I’ve been craving for a satchel bag for two months for this bag. Since the first time I saw this kind of bag is via a candymag. I love green. OMG. Whenever I saw this bag, I’ll surely buy this one because I do love the style. The color really stands out. Please, whoever picked my name. GIVE me this. OHHHH Santa baby! Hahaha! Aw. I love this so much. :’)

“Ang happiness talagangmga girls ay shoes.” ©Kris Aquino
Here’s an oxford shoes. My favorite color is blue, light to be exact. The color of the shoes is really classic and in high-class! Next time I’ll be buying shoes, I’d rather go to an oxford shoes for the best. This will look good wit shorts and “tokong” whoever gives me this, surely I’ll give a tight hug. Size 9 for me, Santa baby! :)

I love booties. I have already a pair of flat booties with a color of gray. The next time I’ll buy a bootie I’ll go with heels to be different of course. Booties show awesome rugged style to our ultra- feminine look. This can be look great with dresses for a classic look also. Size 9, Santa baby. :D

An Iphone4S.OhMiguelGabriel.Hahaha! I’d love Iphone since I don’t have at all. Someday, I promise you, an Iphone will be a normal phone to me. Hahaha. This is the newest and latest version of Iphone in the Philippines and it was launch days ago, I think? Hahaha. What I love about this is it’s newest feature, you can instruct the hone to dial and certain instructions more. It has an 8 mega pixel on it’s camera and an improve faster connection. Who’d want a phone like this? :)

Ohhh. Having a DSLR camera is everything! Since we have already a laptop, I’ll request to my daddy a dslr camera atleast a Nikon D30 will give me a satisfaction. Woah! It’s effortless if you have gorgeous dresses and your camera is a “puchu-puchu” one! Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight to give me a gift like this. :D

“Examinee Bagui turns to Aspirant Bagui!”
Woah. Part of my dream is to become a Servant leader in our school. Last December 16, 2011 the officers chose already the aspirants. I was so nervous then because I can’t perform the “talikod-harap” well. Fail me. On the afternoon, they instructed us to close our eyes for half an hour. Imagine! It’s really hard to do that! And while standing someone puts a stone inside my palm. OMG. Then somebody passed by and I heard his voice saying “Congrats. Sorry. Congrats” Aw. I was preparing myself then that I didn’t passed. WOAH. After longer minutes they instructed that we can open our eyes and they’re so happy saying “Congrats Aspirants!” OMG. I was speechless then. Woah.Nagkatinginan pa nga kami niGabino eh. Bwahaha. When I woke up the other day, My mom and brother told me that while sleeping I was saying “Hi Mam!” Like that, Addiction. RIGHT.Hahaha! Thankyou Santa Baby you answered my wish! One more to hit, MOCC. Please guide me always. <3

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